Little Bunny

Have you ever met a person who is a veggie junkie? If no, let me meet you through my own story.

My mum told me that when I was a kid I was her ‘little bunny’ because my sacred love to consume a way more vegetables than any food types. It was a family gathering, all my cousins asked their parents for snack or candy− whereas mini-me craved nothing unless a carrot, tomato, or simply green bean soup. As you can imagine, my whole family at that time gawked at me for a minute while wondering how this little kuddo loved too much with veggie.

Humble answer, it was because I had copied my mum habit to snacking with vegetables! My mum is a living proof that believe an earlier age such a golden time to introducing and elevating natural taste to child’s mouth. She knows that basicly veggie and fruit have sweet and dynamic taste that we never pay attention before as we’ve nowadays got familiarity with processed food rather than raw food, right?

As I grow up, I swiftly agreed with her visionary mindset. Even though I am not vegan or vegetarian, I do love to consume a bucket of veggies and fruit everyday. I think that it hasn’t only given me the natural tastes of those foods, but also driving me to be more caring towards people, animals, and our environment. I’d love to say that I wholeheartedly owe my mum for her astonishing trick to my lifetime of healthier eating. Here I ought to shake your hand− I am a proud daughter and ‘little bunny’ is my middle name.

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