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Little Bunny

Have you ever met a person who is a veggie junkie? If no, let me meet you through my own story. My mum told me that when I was a kid I was her ‘little bunny’ because my sacred love… Read More »Little Bunny

Mochi Almond

Mochi is a wonderful traditional dessert from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia which made from glutinous rice flour. Today, I filled this gooey mochi dough with almond nuts. It’s fairly easier than you would think. So, let’s gonna try! Ingredients: Mochi… Read More »Mochi Almond

Kothamalli Thanni

Asians often using coriander seed to their day to day cooking. But, today I am using this coriander seeds to make traditional tea recipe from Sri Lanka that has medicinal values, especially for a cold remedy. Ingredients: (Makes 3 cups… Read More »Kothamalli Thanni